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Thoughts for the beginning Air Rifleist...

posted Mar 23, 2017, 2:16 PM by Maribel Sportsmans

Additional thoughts for the beginning air gunner, Pellets and pellet selection, the choices from the big box stores will be rather limited with to regards brands and style, Usually Daisy, Crosman, or Benjamin The major online retailers, carry several dozen brands and equally as many styles, You will have to shoot several brands and styles to determine what your particular rifle likes, Generally you will select the pellet weight and diameter which shoots the tightest grouping at 30 yards, Your goal should be to find the pellet combination that will group 10 consecutive shots in a inch circle at 25-30 yards, This shooting does not means the shots are hitting where the scope is centered, Once you find the best pellet combination then you can zero the scope to that pellet, Once you find that magic pellet go back to where you purchased and buy a large supply of that pellet with the same lot number,
Point of impact will change with pellets from a different lot...

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